Get more direct bookings - pay less commission

We own a B&B in East Devon and want high quality, affordable marketing that’s Devon based, however we couldn’t find it so we made Like yourselves we're being squeezed as our costs continue to rise but not our fees. Paying large amounts of commission to large booking agents, is one of our largest costs and one that we can do something about -
If more of us market together, more visitors will find us and that can only be good for custom, especially as we get to keep more of our earnings. Our businesses have a unique marketing point over our large scale competitors - we keep Devon special by spending our income in Devon, without any of it being syphoned off to other parts of the world.

We believe in celebrating local, independent, small scale, unique - and we are not alone. Increasingly, people want to 'buy local'. Devon is at the forefront of this movement and is already a leader in promoting the provenance of its excellent food and produce. We aim to make people feel the same way about Devon B&Bs, self-catering and small hotel accommodation.

A marketing website needs 3 simple things:

  • Great design and is easy for anyone to use
  • Low cost, not just at the beginning but year on year.
  • Is owned and run by people in the holiday trade, who live in Devon.

Good things take time to grow. Our website is optimised and its features will make it attractive to search engines, placing it high in the rankings. To help bring more people to the site in the early stages, we are giving free listings away for six months. We don’t need any deposits or card details. If you sign up we’ll simply put you on the site for free and contact you in six months to see if you would like to continue with our service.

Together, let's keep Devon business in Devon.

Usual annual cost: £50